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Spring Street Bake Shop

Once they decided to change their name, this locally-owned bakery (that makes amazing cookies and biscotti!), wanted a whole new look – something that retained the original red and green but felt contemporary, friendly and upbeat. And they needed it fast, too, since they were getting ready for a trade show. Here's what we created, along with labels, signage, name tags, a table drape, and business cards.

Algebra By Hand Logo

Algebra By Hand

Algebra By Hand is a new web app that helps students learn algebra more easily and helps teachers and tutors teach it more easily. Michael Eiseman, an engineer, developed Algebra by Hand based upon his years of experience as an algebra tutor. Usable on a desktop computer, phone or tablet, Algebra by Hand allows students to drag and drop terms and factors to help them visualize the algebra-solving process. It will not let them perform an illegal algebraic operation. Teachers and tutors can upload their own worksheets; the app corrects students’ assignments and provides a full grade report. The logo simulates the look of algebra.

Eliza and Lief Wedding Monogram

Eliza and Lief wanted a simple, elegant look for their wedding invitation and program. While exploring ideas and sketching, I was delighted to discover that the first 3 letters of their names are identical, just in a different order: E, L, I, and L, I, E. This revelation lead me to this design, which combines the symmetry of their names and the fluid intersection of the other letters, symbolizing their unity as a couple.

Kesher Israel Congregation Logo

Kesher Israel Congregation

This new logo and tag line were produced for Kesher Israel Congregation in West Chester, PA. The colored chunks that come together to form the letters “K I” are designed to look like shards of stained glass. Their varied sizes, colors and shapes reflect the community's diversity, which is its source of strength and vitality: “Creating Jewish Community Together.”

Thriving Congregations Logo for USCJ

Thriving Congregations

Thriving Congregations is a new initiative of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ). The program will provide tools for USCJ professionals to use when engaging with congregations, assessing their needs and finding ways to support them.

Music on the Inside Logo

Music on the Inside

Music on the Inside connects inmates and incarcerated and at-risk youth with seasoned musicians who provide mentorship through the rehabilitative power of music. The organization's founder was inspired by the story of Louis Armstrong. As a youth, Louis Armstrong was incarcerated and it was while he was behind bars at the Colored Waifs Home for Boys, that he learned to play the cornet. The rest, as they say, is history.

Logo for FUSE: Fellowship of Urban Suburban Engagement


FUSE is a partnership between houses of worship, community groups, and non-profits in Delaware County, PA. Its purpose is to deepen relationships, and understand “the other”, thereby creating a shared sense of destiny and purpose. FUSE includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups, as well as people of different races, gender, socio-economic status, and background.

Wolf Performing Arts Center

This new logo reflects the integrity and youthfulness of the theater classes, workshops, performances and summer camp for children and teens at the Wolf Performing Arts Center in suburban Philadelphia.

Delaware County Literacy Council

The Delaware County Literacy Council was founded in 1975 by community members who felt passionate about helping adults who were struggling with reading and writing. Throughout its history, the leaders of this treasured, local nonprofit have kept the needs of the student at the heart of the Literacy Council’s work. The impetus for this new logo was the organization's 40th anniversary.


Sulam, which means "ladder" in Hebrew, is a suite of leadership training programs offered by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) to its member congregations. There is a version of this logo for each of Sulam's training tracks: presidents, emerging leaders, current leaders and strategic planners. Learn more about this project.


With the publication of their new book, When Leaders Leave, Lesley Mallow Wendell and Priscilla Rosenwald, wanted to update and refresh their company’s logo. Using the same autumnal palette that is used on the book jacket, the new logo is simpler, bolder, cleaner and more contemporary.

Early Learning at Beth Sholom Congregation

In a crowded marketplace, Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, PA wanted to bring its preschool’s special opportunities to light and draw more young families into the life of the synagogue at the same time. A review of the preschool’s current materials revealed a lack of uniform themes or images that conveyed anything distinctive about the school. Additionally, the name of the school, the Goldman Preschool, no longer carried much significance.

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