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A new approach to a community report: less text, greater emphasis on photos and infographics, engaging format

Brandywine Health Foundation Community Report Cover 2016

Brandywine Health Foundation 15 Year Anniversary Community Report

Now in its 15th year serving the greater Coatesville area, the Brandywine Health Foundation is focusing its work on three main areas: Health Equity, Healthy Youth and Healthy Community. This year's community report contains a feature story on each of these three topics and also includes a timeline that showcases the Foundation's achievements over its 15 year history.

Brandywine Health Foundation Donor Mailing

Brandywine Health Foundation Donor Mailing

Rather than the typical plain letter in a #10 envelope, we re-imagined this annual donor mailing. Building on the success of our community report, we re-purposed its fabulous photos, putting them in this short brochure that features a timeline of the Foundation's 15 year history. The brochure was accompanied by a brief note and a business reply envelope for donations.

JOLT Jewish Online Learning for Teens Catalogue

This is an extensive catalogue of courses offered In Gratz College's JOLT Jewish Online Learning for Teens program.

Pride of Place: A Multi-Channel Approach to an Annual Report

With its 2015 community report, the Brandywine Health Foundation re-asserts its commitment to making Coatesville a safe, vibrant community and providing its citizens with the best health care, quality education and youth development opportunities.

Faces of Literacy

Faces of Literacy, an exhibit comprised of 24 posters, was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the Delaware County Literacy Council. These portraits celebrate the strength, compassion, and accomplishments of the dedicated adults who are at the heart of this remarkable organization.

“Building Momentum”

“Building Momentum,” Brandywine Health Foundation's 2014 community report, positions the foundation as a convener and incubator that makes strategic funding allocations. The report contains stories about the merger of the Chester County Community Dental Center and ChesPenn Health Services and the incubation and birth of the Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) as a free-standing nonprofit organization.

“These Are Our People. This Is Our Home.”

This folder was produced to inform members about a Capital and Endowment campaign for Beth David Reform Congregation and help to recruit donors. The folder contains a 12 page brochure and a pocket on the inside back cover to hold inserts about campaign particulars such as ways of giving and dedication opportunities.

“We’re in This Together”

The theme of the Brandywine Health Foundation’s 2013 community report was “We’re in This Together.” The report was mailed in a 9 x 12 envelope with a large clear window, which allowed the entire cover photo to show through, making the piece very noticeable in the mailbox.

Annual Reports for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC)

RRC’s annual reports are designed for print and online. The online versions are interactive; readers can share a story on Facebook, make a donation, view a video and take surveys directly from links in the file.

“Engaging Jewish Teenage Boys: A Call to Action”

Engaging Jewish Teenage Boys: A Call to Action,” is a 64 page report that is distilled from three years of research and 40 focus groups with Jewish boys. With this report, Moving Traditions launches a comprehensive initiative to help both formal and informal Jewish educators better serve Jewish teenage boys.

Darby Creek Watershed

The Darby Creek Valley Association (DCVA) is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of all the Darby Creek (PA) watershed’s resources, including water, wildlife, historical sites, and the floodplain.

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